Friday, April 11, 2014


last friday night, we had 'family night' at disney on ice. we met at campisis by daddy's office & had dinner before and saw this giant eyeball park. the kids thought it was hilarious. it was just weird. but apparently there's a bit of a story behind it. apparantely the owner of the hotel across the street wanted to build a parking lot here, but the city wouldn't let him - saying it would be an eye-sore in the city. {really? it's dallas.}

so he bought the land to build a park. and now there's a giant {and i mean GIANT} eye ball - an eye-sore - in the middle. 

pretty funny, if you ask me. you get 'em, guy. 

c. cried when the princesses came out on the ice. no lie. and of course, the magic of it all made us a little teary. to watch this through a child's eyes is pretty great. disney knows how to do everything. i mean, really. i can't wait to take our kids there some day.  

sunday afternoon we were supposed to watch the nascar race here in texas. but the weather wouldn't let up. we got there at 12:30 {the race time was 2:00} and by 5:00 we were done. no race and no update. by 7:00 they had called the race and moved it to monday morning. booooo. this one was still a happy camper. bless.

monday, our oldest turned six. what? he requested "lots of bacon" for his birthday breakfast. daddy had to get donuts too. 

legos are his favorite. daddy stayed up late with him monday night building a set. then daddy went out of town a few days and b built the next set himself. he is so proud. it took him two afternoons after school - but what a tremendous feat!! 

tuesday night was our pta meeting + the fine arts showcase. little miss had a great time "pretending" she goes to school here with the big kids. bless her heart, she still has a while..... 

getting ready for our little show this weekend! i hope you can join us! it's at bradbury lane in richardson, tx from 10:00-5:00. we'll be in the tent outside the store! we can't wait! these items will be available in the online shop in early may! 

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  1. That eyeball, oh my! I'll have to find it next time we're in Dallas.
    I'm still making the rounds from the InstaFriday linkup.
    I'm following on bloglovin and facebook.
    Have a great week.



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