Thursday, April 10, 2014


"for I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' jeremiah twenty-nine // eleven

our biggest turned six on monday. in some ways i cannot believe that he's already six, and in some ways i cannot believe that he's only six. it goes so fast and so slow all at the same time. you know what i mean? 

our biggest is tenderhearted and kind. he's inquisitive but he's not particularly observant so his questions are deep but not curious. he's protective of his little sister but he also likes to poke and prod her too - just like any big brother would do. 

this year he's learned to READ. what an amazing feat, i must say. i don't know how teachers do it. when mrs w got him at the beginning of the year, he couldn't read anything - maybe his name. and now he reads new books without any problem. i love it. he loves it. he loves showing off for us... and if you catch him in the right mood, he'll read to c. too.... and that, my friends, is the sweetest.

all he asked for for his birthday was lego sets. when we took him to target to look, he said he wanted them ALL. dream big, son... dream big. i love seeing how his mind works... he's super good at math, and putting stuff together.... i think he might be an architect or an engineer - or do you think that might be wishful thinking on my part??

last week i was in the checkout line at the grocery store & there was a mom in front of me with a little boy who was probably two or three years older than b. he was helping her with the groceries and standing sweetly next to her. there wasn't anything inparticular about this child - or the mom - but it set my heart a swirling. he looked and acted so much older than b does right now... and i was just reminded that it will go by so fast. 

and the days of super heroes and legos and fights over eating new things and waking up too early will be long gone. {if i step on one more lego i just might.......} and it's hard now, y'all. i'm tired. mentally + physically drained most days. most days i'm counting down the minutes until bedtime starting around 5:30. i think that's normal. {tell me it's normal...} and i want to give myself grace for that. BUT.... i find myself wishing away these days and that's what i do NOT want to do. i want to sip and savor and linger and try hard. i want to love lots, cuddle and read. i want to make messes and teach lessons and sing songs and play games. because one day he won't want much to do with me... i know that to be true.  it doesn't mean it's not going to be hard... that my patience won't be tried and that i won't be weary {most} some days. 

but it does mean i need to focus on not wishing away these days.

happy birthday, sweet man. you have blessed our socks off. your smile is infectious and your love for others is challenging. thank you for being YOU and for loving us back. you will always be my first baby.

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