Friday, February 14, 2014

you're my cup of tea. {a printable}

these little gifts are super simple. i actually made them with stuff i had around the house last minute. but that's because i'm a hoarder, despite all protests to the contrary from my husband. 

oh well - this is when it pays off. 

so this is what we put together for little teacher gifts for valentine's day, but you could do it for ANYONE for ANY reason.... not necessarily only valentines day....

here's your supply list.

large treat bags
crinkle filler {any color}
mug {i had this four pack from ikea & split it between four bags}
tea bags
some candy to put in the mug
mini clothespins {optional - you can staple them or tape them instead}

open up the treat bag + fill with a little filler. place the mug to one side & the tea bags to the other. i put the set of cards in the back. b was old enough to make a whole extra card for his teacher, so i put that in the back with the cards as well on his. fill the mug up with candy. {i used valentine's day tootsie rolls, but you can't see that here.  judging my picture taking skills! argh!} fold over the top & pin with the clothespin + tag. 

done and done.


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  1. How fun is this!? This is the perfect gift! Very cute!



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