Friday, October 18, 2013


so i didn't ig a lot this week apparently. 

i tend to hibernate when i get super busy.... i guess you could say i hibernate into my "real" life vs. my social media life. i've been trying to get the house back together after the tornado came through that is called little branches. i try to keep it contained in my studio, but when a big show happens it has a way of creeping into all other rooms of my house.

the hubbs & snuck away for a little date night a few weeks ago. this coffee place is so yummy. {and they make it pretty which is always a bonus!}

family day at central market + pet land. this cutie pie we called molly. she's presh. {c is presh too, right?}

trying to get back in shape. i've run more in october than i ran all of last year. trying to keep it up in the midst of busy schedules is challenging. but so worth it.

my sweet friend is a huge peyton manning fan. like, the biggest there is. when she found out they had tix to the broncos/cowboys game a few months ago she graciously extended us an invite. i think it was only because she wanted to trash talk the whole time. and boy could we keep up with her. :) it was an awesome game. we thought we'd get crushed but we didn't. romo played awesome and i walked away without a 'w' but feeling pretty great about it anyway.

woot for christmas stuff going in the shop!! we are so excited to get going on all of our online promotions starting in november! 

coffeeeeeee is my saving grace. always.

pta night. cookies + milk. they had the allen drill team + the chick fil a cow there bringing milk. too bad lil' miss was so scared of the cow that she ended up missing out on ALL of the fun. 

Truth. boom.

the trunk show was so fun. we are so grateful for our treasured customers. we want to grow our base but keep the small business. it's hard to figure out the right balance. i'm praying that God will give me clarity and wisdom as we make plans for the coming year.

ps - if you missed the show and you're local we have another one coming up next weekend! it's saturday and sunday! all the details are right here! check it out!

friday we had fundraisers all day for the hubbs downtown. my rockstar brother works at bolsa in the bishop arts district. it's not an easy drive for us from the burbs to get there for dinner - so since we were close we made a trip over his way. it's always so fun seeing him in his element. we are so proud of him. 

fun @ target.

my fall porch. finally. 

how was your week?

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  1. Hi Becky,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful fall garland! I love the colors you chose! Sorry to thank you via a blog comment, but I could not find an email address on your business card or website. Anyway, thank you so much for your beautiful work! Have a great day, Kelly



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