Monday, October 21, 2013

going home.

good afternoon sweet friends.

did you have a wonderful weekend? i sure hope y'all did. 

we spent some time as a family which was so sweet. i loved every last second of it. 

we traveled a bit to waco {1.5 hours south of where we live} for homecoming at our alma mater

y'all. we LOVE this school.

this school helped build us. mold us. shape us. 
the hubbs and i dated in high school, but i went to college first, and he - i like to say - followed me. i don't know how accurate that actually is, but since i am older - and he likes to point that out - i will use this fact to my advantage. that's how i roll.

we dated here. 
we grew up here. 
we found our way here.

we loved it here.

i'm so thankful for the plan the Lord has. that it's sovereign and we, in our humanness and worldliness and selfishness, cannot mess His plan up.

praise Jesus. can i get an amen here?

yes, we can choose to look the other way. we can choose to GO the other way. to not trust. to disobey to fall. 

but, if we have Jesus as our King, He will not let us go. and there is probably not ONE thing in this world that i am more thankful for than THAT fact.

this is miss camryn. we love her. i took her to visit baylor when she was a senior in high school - and she fell in love. {of course she did, i mean, why wouldn't she?} 

but seeing baylor through her eyes, fresh & new, makes me love my college experience even more. hindsight is 20/20, yes, but i can truly see God's sovereign hand in my life over these four years more than any other time in my life. 

He protected me. blessed me. loved me. refined me. steered me. shaped me. 

and i am forever changed because of the people i met here. the relationships we made here are forever friendships & that is what we had so much fun remembering as we were there this past weekend. 

we got to share with our kids our love for the school, yes. 

but more than that we were reminded of God's faithfulness in these years. how His plan was {and still is!} so much bigger than we could have ever imagined. that He has a plan for everything in your life - and everyONE in your path. there is a purpose for it ALL. 

we would not be where we are today without baylor. 
maybe it was the school {we sure do love the school}. 
maybe it was our teachers. 
maybe it was our friends.
but it was definitely in God's sovereign plan for both the hubbs & i to go to baylor.... and exactly when we went there too. 

He has an awesome plan for all of us. even when it feels so far from it. i promise, y'all. hang in there. it's awesome.

if i were telling a high school senior how to choose a university, i would simply tell them this. 

 the Lord has a plan and i firmly believe choosing one school over another won't screw that up. He already knows what you're going to choose & where you're going to go. He already knows mistakes your going to make, the major you'll pick & the job you'll have afterward. and if you're heart's in the right place, He's already making a way for you even there. 

don't take it too seriously. let go & let God. 
 it will be an amazing ride.

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