Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Things.

So, two weeks ago I closed up my Etsy shop. I was sad, but it was in response to direct leading from the Lord to make room for the new in my life.

The night before I was making the announcement, I was wrestling in bed trying to fall asleep - questioning God as to why He would give me something only to take it away. Little Branches and all that it has become, was {and is} a gift from the Lord - completely of His doing, not mine - and so why, God would You feel the need to give it to me only to take it away from me a short time later?

God gently reminded me that night :: "Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." {Isaiah 43:19}. He kept whispering to me, "I'm doing something new, Becky. Let me do something new."

Let's be real. I don't want to do something new. Well, let me back up. I want to do something new - it's just that I want to do it the way I want to do it. I want to know where I'm headed and I want to see that it builds on where I already am. I don't want to go somewhere completely new, right? Just sort of new. Lord, I don't want to keep starting over. I don't want to lose focus or to lose ground - I want to keep moving forward. Not backward or seemingly sideways. 

The reality is that it doesn't always feel like He's doing something new. Sometimes, in the midst of hard days - especially consecutive boring and mundane days - it feels a little more like He's not doing anything at all. It feels a little like I've met my quota - I've peaked {at age 33!} - and now I'm supposed to just step back and be "normal". 

Y'all. Just typing that out I want to scream to myself "that is a LIE!" None of us are called to be normal - to live boring and mundane lives. We are called to follow Him step by step until the day we die! Life is full of peaks and valleys {ugh, those valleys...} but He's faithful every step of the way! I need to be reminded often that just because the NEW isn't coming as quickly or clearly as I want it to, He is still working in my midst, building on the very foundation that He has already built in my being.

Can I not see it? Will I not look for it? 

Is God doing a new thing in your life? I would love to hear about it - it would be of such encouragement to me to hear of God's hand in your life. I was with a friend last night who was speaking of all of the hard junk God is working her through right now - and although it probably sucks for her right now, it is such a blessing to me to see God working on her. He's not done with us, y'all! Not by a long shot... and when I do go out, I don't know about you - but I want to go out swinging. 

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  1. Oh girl, you are writing the words from my heart!!! God is working on me, telling me He's got big things ahead...pushing me out of my comfort zone repetitively, asking me to do things that frankly scare me...but I'm taking the steps to obey. Even when it scares me. Especially when it scares me, because it seems that when it scares me the most, He has the most to teach me. I'm stubborn at heart so sometimes He has to force it...but I'm trying to follow Him.



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