Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So who ARE you??

I thought since we're starting a new year + starting a "re-branding" for the blog, I'd start off with an introduction of sorts to those of y'all who might be new to Little Branches!

So, first thing's first :: my name is Becky and I'm the artist behind the handmade sign shop Little Branches. Most days you can find me reheating my coffee for the tenth time while juggling a newborn, my other two feisty littles {ages 4 + 6} and trying my best to not smell like poop + spit up all day long. Other days, you can find me praying for strength just to make it through the day without losing my temper or losing my mind. I am just an imperfect human trying to serve Jesus as best I can. I am blessed to live in Texas with my high school sweetheart, cheer on our Baylor bears and worship Jesus on Sundays at our hometown church.

I "grew up" here in North Texas, after living in six other cities before settling here for high school. I went to a small-ish Christian school in Addison {which I loved, by the way} and my hubby went to one of the largest public schools in the same area! We come from two different worlds in that respect! We met in our high school youth group and started dating about a year later. I'm a lucky girl!

When I grow up I want to be an elementary school art teacher. And a drill team sponsor. At my alma mater. I have a sweet friend who teaches biology at our high school and she LOVES it. {And I bet she's an awesome teacher, by the way!} I always loved art... and the messiness of creativity. I've never been neat + tidy... I guess that's a side affect of being "a creative". Just today someone was saying "you're just the artsy type" when I told her I had waited until the last minute to meet a self-imposed deadline. I guess it's just who I am, and I'm just now learning to accept it and give myself some grace.

Right after starting my little handmade business, the Lord called me to go to Africa. It was life changing and soul searching all at the same time. I had the chance, unbeknownst to me, to share the gifts that the Lord has given to me {hello artsiness!} with the women in Uganda. We talked with them about business and even how to start a handmade business. How awesome is our God? That He would bring me halfway around the world to not only use me to encourage others - I mean, anyone could do that - but to show me that His gifts are just that. Gifts. No matter what those gifts may look like, they are from Him! 

I'm on a journey to discovering that just because "creativity" and "business woman" are not in the spiritual gifts test, it doesn't mean that they are not straight from the Lord - and made just for me. I'm learning to love how He made me, and surrender ALL of me to Him on a daily basis. I've been in a habit of belittling myself - and how He made me - and I'm learning that is not how He intended it. Work in progress, right here, y'all!

Here, I hope to provide a safe place that we can all be inspired and encouraged here on this blog. I hope that you will feel free to ask questions and challenge me and reach out for encouragement all at the same time. I tend to be all over the place - I hope that's okay! I'll be writing a little bit about business, a lot about faith, a little about family and friends. I hope you want to stick around!

Thank you for joining our space! I pray that you will find a little bit of Love and a whole lotta Jesus here.

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