Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Random Facts About Me

I realize that a lot of y'all are new to our little handmade business, so I thought I'd spend the week re-introducing myself!! You can read the first post here.

Today, I'm sharing

1. I love coffee, but I really drink it for the creamer

2. I am only five feet tall. No additional inches.

3. I am a habitual list maker. But rarely do those lists get done. Ooops.

4. I am a procrastinator. I've learned to embrace it and move on... have you?

5. I am a killer at Mario Kart.

6. It's incredibly difficult for me to give myself grace.  

7. I'm addicted to makeup... specifically lip gloss. I have a ton, but they all look the same.

8. I have a hard time finishing books.

9. I am a bible study leader of embrace grace at our church. It is my heart's song.

10. I feel like I was born to sing... unfortunately, my voice doesn't agree with me.

Are you still here?? I'd love to hear 10 random facts about YOU! Ready? GO.


  1. 1. I love reading other people's blogs, but mine is password protected.
    2. I loved working in fast food.
    3. My two eldest siblings are old enough to be my parents.
    4. I've been to 4 other countries.
    5. I've had my name legally changed.
    6. Tacos are my favorite food.
    7. I don't like cold weather but I live somewhere where cold is normal.
    8. My favorite verses are James 5:17-18.
    9. I use the Oxford comma.
    10. I didn't like the movie Frozen.

    1. I love tacos too. {Obviously... I live in Texas where tacos are a food group!} And, what is the oxford comma????

  2. Short is awesome, I fail at Mario Kart, I wish you luck in finishing books, and don't worry about your voice - it's still fun to sing!



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