Friday, November 7, 2014

three weeks in.

three weeks in and we are beginning to adjust to life with a precious newborn. 
it's been almost four years since i had one. 
it wasn't necessarily our plan to wait that long - but it wasn't necessarily our plan to have another one either, i guess. life just threw us curve balls that prohibited us from feeling like "it was the right time". {which, isn't that the biggest joke ever? there is NO right time to have a baby. it's just time.}

our little love bug is doing well. i think he has a little clogged tear duct on one eye, but it isn't anything we can't handle. he has his days and nights mixed up a bit - which is new for us - but i think we are gradually getting better at that. i try so hard to keep him up a bit - just a few minutes - after each feeding during the day... but if i jiggle him too much he just spits up all over us! {nice trick, sweet pea.}

we're doing a lot of coffee drinking and eating from the delish frozen meals that my sweet friend rebecca helped me prepare before love bug's arrival. our favorite so far has been martha stewart's tamale pies. everyone loved them, the recipe made a TON and they froze {and reheated} beautifully. 

{sidenote: i LOVE steel magnolia's and that just makes me remember the whole "they're from the freezes beautifully section of my cookbook" part! anyone??}

i have loads of written + unaddressed thank you notes {and unwritten ones}, unreturned voicemails + text messages and unmade little branches ideas. i'm learning {and relearning} that it's okay to take some downtime and rest time. 

the problem is :: the less i do, the less i want to do. does anyone else feel that way? 

the big kids are adjusting. i've noticed some behavior changes {which i know is so normal} that i attribute to our littlest one - but it also could be school settling in and whatnot. oh - or just getting older... i guess it could be that too, right?

 sweet little love bug :: just stay small and precious so you never make mommy want to pull her hair out and eat chocolate chip cookies and ice cream all day, mmmkay? except that you kinda do that already with your non sleeping habits. oh, why do you children think that it's so fun to play these little mind games?? give your parents a break!

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