Wednesday, November 5, 2014

counting our blessings.

november 1st was the TWO YEAR anniversary of our handmade shop, little branches

i am beyond grateful that God placed this on my heart {and my hubby's} a little over two years ago. 

in two years the Lord has sent little branches to.... 

bradbury lane in richardson, where we had our very first show and an amazing fundraiser for a mission trip that we would take. 

He sent little branches to africa, where we had the awesome privelage of speaking to a group of women about starting their businesses and surrendering their dreams to the Lord. it was beyond anything that i could imagine. 

He placed us, beyond anything i even dared to try, in weirs country store in dallas, plano + southlake. 

He took us to kansas. 

He has given me sweet + meaningful friendships with people i have met through networking our business from new york to california to georgia and everywhere in between. 

He filled us up to the brim by allowing us a space in Waco at our beloved Spice Marketplace. 

it has been a joy, privelage and honor to bless you with the gifts + passions that the Lord has given me. YOU are the reason that we are still here. YOU are the reason that i do this and i am so grateful. the honor of running a little shop from home is not lost on me. i hope i always mostly do it with grace and humility. it is a joy. 

thank you!

{watch for an instasale THIS thursday!!!} 


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