Monday, November 3, 2014

on discomfort.

"but God doesn't call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn't come through." {francis chan}

my sweet friend courtney posted this quote on her instagram feed this morning. it's adoption month, she has adopted and fostered SEVERAL sweet kids and she has an adoption organization. she is one of those women that i watch and think, "wow - she lives by tremendous faith day by day by day." she rocks it. her family has been called out of their comfort zone and they went. and they are still there - even when it's not easy, they have stayed. they have experienced heartbreak {like i can't even begin to imagine} and sorrow. but with that, i'm sure they have experienced a tremendous amount of joy that only He can bring when you're living on the edge with Him. 

and that brings me to discomfort. 

i don't believe that God promised comfort like we know it today anywhere in scripture. He promises to comfort us, yes - but that's a verb, not a noun. {i'm not an english major - is that right?} i get frustrated sometimes seeing people, especially women, who desire comfort above all else. 

please don't get me wrong - i want comfort. oh y'all .... i desire comfort. but i desire His presence more. i think that's the key. there are going to be seasons of comfort in your life - or at least there have been in mind {long ago!}. where things seem so blissful and easy.

and it is good. it feels good. 

but i want to live in a way that my hands are always holding that comfort with an open palm. i want to live where God is able to take that comfort away to push me into another season that will bring Him more glory & honor than simply living in comfort the rest of my life. 

i want to get to Heaven exhausted from running to Him and for Him and with Him. i want Him to know that His glory was more important to me than my comfort. 

a season of discomfort is on the horizon for my precious family. it's not terribly painful, and unlike some of your seasons, i know that it has an end date ... but it's definitely not fun either. it's a season that we have surrendered to for His sake, and i am at great peace with that. 

as it grows nearer, i am determined to lead my children on a journey to find joy in this discomfort. it's the cry of my heart today and i hope every day until this temporary season ends. 

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