Wednesday, November 19, 2014

looking forward.

every year as we near the peak of the holiday season, i begin to look forward to the next year. as much as i love everything about the holidays - the decorating, especially - i love taking it all down and clearing out space almost just as much.

it's not as much fun while i'm in the process, but i can find freedom in the freshness of it all. and i use the word can on purpose, because for many people {and often for me, as well} it can feel empty. it's all in the way i look at it and, i believe, in the way that we prepare for it.

this year i am getting my heart ready. i know it's going to be an extra tough january / february with the hubbs traveling so much, so i have been asking the Lord to reveal things {and people} to me that can brighten my days as well as bless my family.

1. create a safe haven at home. // oh how this has been my heart for years. i feel like the nester has put my heart into beautiful words in her book. {i'm sure she got the idea from me, right?} there are so many beautiful resources out there for this concept. but in the process of cleaning out after christmas i want to focus on our house being a home for all three of my littles and especially for my husband.

i have many jobs as a "stay at home mom" but one of the first and foremost is homemaker. think about that word.  home maker. it is exactly all that i want to be. i desire to make a home that is filled with people, smells and things {yes, things} that we find beautiful and uplifting; things that point us all to Jesus. i heard someone say once that they wanted their home to be like a warm hug at the end of the day. that is what i desire for my home - but it won't just get there on it's own. i aim to strategically think about this one and plan in the coming weeks.

2. have a party. // one of the greatest mentors in my life told us once of how every evening when her husband got home from work they had a little party. they were all waiting by the door as soon as the garage door opened and celebrated daddy being home. i don't know about you, but i absolutely love this. how often do i roll my eyes about my day when he walks in the door and {kindly} asks about my day? how often do i barely greet him because i'm "too busy" cooking, picking up or whatever other things could have not only waited, but could have be done earlier in the day? this is going to be a huge goal of mine as we go forward. how do you think your hubby would react if you and your kids treated him like a superhero every time he walked in the door? i think it might be good for everyone involved.... am i right?

3. treat myself. // when the hubbs went to session last year, my mom suggested that i always keep fresh flowers in my kitchen or by my bed. just a little 'sussy' for myself while he was away. i think this is an awesome concept for all mommas. it's just a little extra expense that, when i can afford to, brings a lot of joy to my heart. it's amazing how something so small can lift my mood so much. other things that i'd like to implement are hot baths and a guilty pleasure netflix show {that i'm currently on the search for}. what are some of the little ways that you like to treat yourself? 

do you start looking forward already or do you wait until the new year arrives?

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