Thursday, June 5, 2014

first finished spreads {a project life post}

 why hello, there!!

it's thursday! woohoo!! i have one more day of school!!!!!! i don't know how you darling teachers survive this week. the kids are CRAZY and the moms have stopped caring a while ago. even the good ones! {i think i'm a pretty good mom.... and i haven't signed my sweet one's folder in two weeks.} 

cheers to you, teachers + parents alike. you did it! another year in the books. now some fun time sitting by the pool! enjoy yourselves. you deserve it!!

now, onto project life. 

i'm going to TRY to update pretty consistently on thursdays. but we'll see how that goes. you might just have to remind me. 

here are my first two finished spreads. i always get so excited to finish one - even if i have the intetions of maybe adding a few things back in a bit later. it's done enough.  and that's the point. it gets the job done. it records our memories in concrete form. boom.

a little word about inserts. i love all of ali edwards inserts that she used to do in her original project life books. and most of them she'd put in a nice and neat page protector. and i will on some, but for me - sometimes i find it easier to just punch holes in the side and call it done. 

bonus :: emptying out those tubs of papers that i can't bear to throw away but hate keeping as well.  

onto spread two.

if you're new to project life, please check out this post here. project life is a product created by becky higgins and is now found in major craft stores around america, including michael's joann and hobby lobby. i hope you find these project life posts inspiring + want to get started yourself. it is NOT scrapbooking - it's memory keeping. you do not HAVE to do anything fancy. it's just sticking it in a book so that you can have a concrete record of life. pretty simple.

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