Tuesday, June 3, 2014

embrace grace.

you might remember a few months ago i wrote this post. pouring out my heart about something that i considered to be a bit controversial. i was going through the restless project by jennie allen and as i started to work through my passions, patterns began to form. the judgement and injustice started to become louder around me and  my heart felt heavy + broken. i didn't see how any change could be made... i didn't see how it could materialize.

enter God. 

a few weeks ago on instagram, i mentioned this new ministry:: embrace grace. 

i was blown away by the response. i was almost nervous about even posting anything {ps y'all: that's satan.}i had gotten the okay from our rockstar women's minister and just knew i had to say something regardless of whether or not i offended someone. i knew that it was bigger than me and i felt the Lord whisper in my ear, "this is bigger than your instagram follwers, becky." 

there is a movement happening. regardless on your stance on abortion, you have to feel for these women who find themselves alone + desperate carrying a new baby. a life, ordained before the foundation of this world. and i believe so strongly that it is our job as a church {not the buidling, y'all - the people} to love on these women without judgement. to give these women hope + grace + encouragement. these women {and girls} do NOT need to be going through this alone. that is what the body of Christ is for. that's how He designed it. 

{if you cannot view the video, click here. you have to watch it!}

embrace grace is a Jesus ministry founded by amy ford + salina duffy out of a women's conference they attended several years ago. the Lord spoke to both of the sepeartely and told them to love on the women + the babies. they followed the Lord's call and developed a small group {i think they call them life groups} at gateway church in southlake, tx. through the years, they have developed a 12 week program / bible study just for these girls. you can read their story here. it is amazing, y'all. salina wrote the curriculum and it is so heart-felt and centered on the love of Christ and our self worth, based on being a child of the KING!!! 

we will be starting a branch of this ministry at my home church in the fall, and i am humbled and beyond blessed to be a part. if you're a prestonwood member + interested in being involved, please email me here. 

if you are interested in starting a branch of this ministry in your home church, email groups@iembracegrace.com and they can send you a promo packet with all of their information. i just went through all of ours last week and all of the information you need is in there and you will be blown away by the overall packaging and presentation. there is so much care + love taken in every detail of their ministry.

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