Monday, June 9, 2014

charleston :: top 5 places to eat

it's been over a month since we went to charleston, but i am still thinking about the food AND i haven't posted anything about it yet! so here we go. it was hard to narrow down to five, but everywhere we ate was good... charleston is a foodie town so i don't think you'd have a bad experience anywhere!!

1. toast // the BEST breakfast sandwich ever
**no reservations, but you will most likely wait**

the best breakfast sandwich i've ever had - and i've been trying to recreate it ever since!! 

2. husk // the BEST hamburger
**reservations highly recommended a week or two in advance**

3. the palmetto cafe // the BEST brunch buffet
**reservations highly recommended**

this place is super swanky + fancy, located in the charleston place hotel, but it's totally worth going! we're normally more casual people - and i was pretty worried about it after i hastily made the reservations because the buffet was $29 and any of the entrees were almost that high as well. i thought j was going to kill me. but y'all.... it was totally worth the $29!!! especially for this preggers girl. eggs bendeict for days. fresh pastries of all kinds. french toast. coffee from a french press. biscuits. shrimp. grits. omelets. waffles. bacon. gravy. i mean, anything you could dream might be on a buffet for brunch was on there.... maybe not cereal, but there could have been and i was just distracted! oh yeah, there was fruit too - but who cares about that really? oh. and the caramel brioche. best. thing. ever.

4. kaminsky's dessert bar
**we went here twice, and there was always a wait but just do it. you won't regret it.**

5. trattoria lucca 
 **reservations recommended**

we took a pedicab from our hotel here {which i also highly recommend} and thought we were way off the beaten path when they pulled up to this quaint italian restaurant in the middle of a neighborhood. but it was anything but. we got there at 7 and by 8 it was PACKED with people. it was super yummy, the service was incredible and the dessert is a MUST. 

PS - there's a little branches discount today! head over to the shop and enjoy 10% off with the code RAINYDAY. happy monday!

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  1. My husband and I are going there next May. I took note of these amazing sounding restaurants. What things did you do that you recommend? On our list I have: Charleston Waterfront Park, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Middleton Place, Magnolia Plantations, Theatre 99-it's improve comedy and my husband loves that....Did you rent bikes at all or do any water stuff?



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