Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mother's day.

hey ladies. how was your mother's day??? 

yes, i know it was sunday and it's now wednesday, but i'm pregnant. and slow. and sometimes things seem daunting - including loading and editing photos and even being coherent enough to put a post together. 

so here i am, posting about mother's day on wednesday. 

sue me. 

so back to the question:: how was your mother's day??

mine started off with me yelling at b. when he insisted that it was NOT mother's day. 

me:: b, you need to get dressed for church.
b:: aw, maaaaooommm! i don't want to.......
me:: it's time to get dressed. please

{that may be a little light on my tone, but hey - it's my post, not his.}

hubbs:: b, get dressed. it's mother's day - you need to be extra obedient today!
b:: it's not mother's day. 
hubbs:: yes, it is. 
b:: no it is NOT.
me:: yes. it. ISSSSS!!!!! {i may or may not have stomped my foot like a toddler, but i'll go with not..}


actually - let me preface all of this by saying that this year, the hubbs really tried to make my mother's day special - and spend time on me doing what i wanted to do. i could tell he really went out of his way and so it's just comical that even with all his effort we ended up in a fight with my child before 9 AM on sunday morning. plus, the kids just seemed extra demanding sunday. as in, "roll the window up" "i don't like that song." "i don't want to eat there." "i don't like riding in this car" and on and on. you name it, they said it. 

again. awesome.

and then i saw on sweet kimberlee's instagram that she and some of her mom friends go on a mom retreat every mother's day weekend. 


why didn't i think of that? 

i may just adopt that tradition.... how awesome is that? 

not that i don't loooove my littles, but the celebrating is just hard for two selfish little ones to understand. and let's be honest... this selfish momma wants a day all to herself. even after having had a vacation just a few weeks ago. i just want one day. to lay in bed all by myself. watch lifetime and eat ice cream!!! 

that's not too much to ask, is it?????????

anyways.... love to all you mommas out there! i hope you had a great day on sunday. what did you do? does it ever turn out like you expected? 

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