Wednesday, May 7, 2014

spring swimming.

ack!!! i cannot believe that it is already hot warm enough to swim!! the littles have been begging to get into our little pool, i tell you - BEGGING. and this week i decided to use it as a reward! what an ingenious idea, becky!?! let me tell you, they didn't get to do it monday, but on tuesday they were ready to try again - and this time had super happy hearts and were excited to "jump" in when it was their turn!

one of the reasons we loved this house so much was because of the mini-pool. the hubbs really wanted a pool and i really didn't {i mainly wanted a yard more than i didn't want a pool.} but this is such a great compromise for us! the kids {and me!} get to "dip" during the hot texas summers and we get to have a nice hot tub in the cold frigid ridciulous winters that we never have here in texas but DID have this year! {can i get a hooray for the hot tub?}

little miss is a big swimmer. she kicks so fast and keeps her arms right in front of her. she desperately does NOT want to have to take swimming lessons with miss ginger again this year so she tries to prove to me that she can swim hard all. the. time.  when should i tell her that miss ginger is retired??

oh - and be sure to check out the shop today!! we're opening around nine!! see you there.

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