Thursday, May 15, 2014

{almost} summatime.

in texas, summertime is RIGHT around the corner. {ignoring this little cold front that just came through and is NOT helping our pool temps!}

and i could NOT be more excited. it's one of my very favorite times of the year. lazy and easy breezy. 

what do you think of when you think of summertime? 

late nights.
crickets {cicadas} chirping.
lightning bugs.
patio dinners.
citronella candles.
fresh fruit
pool floats. 
diving boards. 
water parks. 
farmers markets.
road trips. 
this will be our first year with a "real" summer from school. i'm thinking it'll be GREAT, but i also have some things up my sleeve for when it's not. we're scheduled for a VBS and a dodgeball camp with a few friends. i'm trying bulk up on some activity boxes so that we have some stuff to "do" instead of just watch t.v. all day when we don't feel like heading to a pool somewhere. 

let's be honest though - i don't have much of a problem with watching t.v. all day AND we'll be living at the pool. the end. 

buuutttt.... do you have any good summer ideas {that don't cost a TON of money??} we are buying season passes to a local water park that a lot of our friends go to but other than that i'm not planning on spending a lot of money going to entertainment places. i'd rather save money for actual VACAY. :) i've found some cute ideas on pinterest here + here , but was wondering if you smart mommas have great ideas too??

ALSO:: if you haven't heard, noonday is doing this awesome trip to rwanda this summer with lots of amazing bloggers. they have such a neat opportunity where you get to VOTE another blogger in! how cool is that?? my sweet friend brooke, who just shared that she'll be starting the adoption process through the foster care system {ack!!!!!! i LOVE this!} sent me a goosebump-filled email yesterday asking for us to VOTE for her. i'm sure she will share more of her story on her blog but PLEASE go check her out and vote for her to go!!!!! it's going to be amazing and i sure do want to be a small part of something BIG the Lord is doing in her life!!!! 

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  1. BECKY! OH MY GOSH! I just balled my eyes out when I read your blog post.. here I am reading about your summer and your adorable pictures and then I saw what you wrote! I was seriously overwhelmed and Im so thankful! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously! It means so much that you would share that and rally around me like that!!!!! I feel so encouraged and loved no matter what happens! So thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!



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