Monday, May 19, 2014

party animals.

 several weeks ago my first baby turned S I X !!!! can you believe it. i feel like the days go by SO slow, but the months go by SO fast. do you hear me??

i used to be one of those over the top party people. i still kind of want to be again. but we've found it to be waaay less stressful to keep it simple. and honestly, our kids don't really notice all of those cutesy details. at least b doesn't. i had to get real honest with myself a year or so ago and ask why i was putting so much pressure on myself. yes, i enjoy doing crafty things, but when it comes to doing it + getting food together and invitations etc. etc. it only stresses me out. it makes me a bad mom. i wish it didn't - and maybe someday again it won't - but right now it does. 

so i keep it simple. 

we went to our neighborhood park and had snacks and cupcakes in the pavillion. that's it. we sang happy birthday and the kids ran around and played. it was supposed to be on sunday and there was supposed to be pizza involved, but the weather had other plans. so we moved it a few days and had it after school. and guess what.... the kids did NOT care. all they want is to play and sing and run and climb. and maybe eat a few cupcakes. 


are you a pinterest party thrower???
 i LOVE all the ideas i see on there. i do. i love all the decorations and costumes and invitations and themed food. i really thought i'd be like that. and surprisingly i could probably throw it together on a normal day, but on a party day? nope. it's just not in the cards for me right now. the hubbs and i would like to stay married and i'd like to have a party for the kids that didn't involve yelling the preparation. 

so, today, i'm telling you it's okay!! be the kind of party thrower that you LIKE to be... not the kind you think you're supposed to be!!!! the kids just want a happy mommy + a happy party with their friends and family. i promise! you can do it! you're AWESOME.

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