Friday, April 4, 2014


two weeks ago we threw a SURPRISE party for my momma's 60th! we got her good - and it was so much fun hosting all of her sweet friends in our home.  she's such a special momma. 

we had a little photo booth and i finally bought the instax camera i've been wanting forever... my little one had fun dressing up for the fiesta!

the Lord has been teaching me a lot the past few weeks - and challenging me to take more action. it's easy to think that i can't do it. that i'm not good enough.... that He could never use me to do that. but that's the point - He is made strong when we are not. He's just the best, isn't He? 

i love my erin condren planner. love it. and this is my third year to have one and i'm using it more this year than i have ever before. i've added these itty bitty post it notes to my planner this year. to make it more colorful {and fun!} but to also get organized when it comes to business / home / finance things. 

getting ready for a little show for little branches! i'll post details next week. 

and the princess sleeps. she did not have this tiara on when i laid her down, by the way. somehow it made it's way onto her head during her nap, i'm sure. 

we got a fierce hail storm last night in north texas. i've never seen hail this big in person. it sounded like people were pounding on our roof - i'm surprised we haven't started getting the door to door roofing companies knocking yet. thankful to be safe and not too much damage done {that we know of.}

this morning i was reading in my bible and this little piece of paper fell out. it's our notes from when we spoke to the women in nambarizzi. it's amazing when i think about how the Lord used us there. so beyond anything i could have ever dreamt up. ever in a million years. i was thinking on it last week, actually... about going to college and meeting with an advisor when i registered for my first classes as a freshman. he asked me what i thought my major might be. i vividly remember telling him that i was deciding between interior design, a business degree in accounting, or being a teacher. and last summer, in a rural village deep in the heart of africa, i found myself teaching about my creative, handmade business. the Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

{my major was interior design, by the way....} 

have a happy friday! what have you been up to this week? 

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