Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april. {a list.}

hey y'all!

it's the first of april!!! and in the effort to spring clean + organize, i've started making lists.... lots and lots of lists.

i made a list before i was thirty.... it was my thirty things before thirty list. it was awesome because it was very much well - thought out and i accomplished a lot of the things on my list - maybe not before i was thirty, but nevertheless i did them and that's what counts, right???

so i've written here before that ever since the campaign, i am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl. i need flexibililty in my life {and schedule} but the lack of routine and organization has gotten me nowhere. i still make lists, but my lists become never ending and overwhelming because i put EVERYTHING that comes to my mind on my list, instead of making it manageable and actually something that is doable.

so, i'm taking a cue from my friend brooke and making my list now. they're not 'new year's resolutions' - just my goals for this month. and i purposely only put five things on there. five things is manageable. doable. won't you make a list with me??


plant a vegetable garden

years ago, in our first house i had a vegetable garden. i had peppers galore and i think i had a cucumber or two before i let it go. peppers are easy, by the way. we moved that fall and were in a rental until last summer. i've been dreaming of my garden {and baby chicks too} and i cannot wait to plant them. i wanted a raised garden carved out just like the one below, but i'm going to start small. there's no reason i need to have something carved out + built just for this. santa brought me a teak planter box that is going to house some of the tall plants and then there is a perfect spot in an existing bed we have that can house squash + cucumbers {the mounding, viney type plants} and blueberries and raspberries behind them. we will start there. that's my goal. wish me luck!!! and if you have any tips {stephanie i'm talking to you} please send them my way!!!

organize + clean out all of the papers

 i want to turn this {above} into this {below}.

does anyone else feel like paper is taking over your life??? i do. i have no idea where the influx of paper comes from. but it does. and it piles up and up and up and i have no time to sit down for ten hours and go through it all. but i have to. in april, i will. 

i love the way edie talks about organizing her papers. this is my plan. i already have two boxes - one for c. and one for b. and all of their school stuff for this year. i think it will help with getting started on my next goal. {see below.}

print pictures + start some form of project life or scrapbook for 2014

i used to do project life. i loved it. like, REALLY loved it. i love looking at it. my kids love looking at it. but it's actually doing it that is a struggle. and honestly - if i could catch up and then get into a routine {like i was} then it would be easy. it was easy... for real easy. so in april, i will catch up. i will start and i will enjoy it. i will. 

read two books. one fiction + one non-fiction

my non fiction book is already picked out. anything by jennie allen. this is a heartcry for me right now. i want my hands to be open. always. in every area of my life. i just got finished working through restless - which i highly recommend. i can't wait to start anything - which is really the precursor to restless, but i love her so much i don't care. i'm still going to read it. 

i don't have my fiction book picked out - any suggestions??

walk more {read :: exercise}

this one is self explanatory. i'm signing off and going to walk right now. {i'll even prove it on IG.} 

what are your goals? do you set them? are you a new years resolution gal or are you just a list maker - or do you fly by the seat of your pants too??? 



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