Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Garden Update {Week 1}

I decided that it might be fun to keep a record of how our garden grows this year... and that y'all might like to see that journey! I like to think my thumb gets a little bit greener every year, so I'm SUPER excited about gardening this season... and I keep telling myself that this is going to be the year that I drop baskets of vegetables off on my friends doorsteps. >insert crying eyes emoji here<

We shall see.

Last year was our first official gardening season and it did not go as planned. 

The hubbs built me this beautiful raised bed in the middle of our ginorous flowerbeds and it was the perfect place. It's out of the way so the kids can still run around but still gets a great amount of sun.

But there were a few problems. 

1. The rabbits. 

Those dang rabbits. They're cute... but they are a mess, y'all. We've tried everything to get rid of them coming under our gate into our backyard. Well, everything except shooting them. And I'm all for protecting the animals... but if someone wants to shoot the rabbits without me knowing about it, I'm good with that. Just so you know. 

2. Pests. 

I had no idea that diseases and pests and all sorts of stuff can attack your vegetables. Even if you've never had those pests before... it's like they just KNOW they are there. Halfway through the summer I was desperate and I finally got Sevin Dust. Now, all of y'all organic gardeners out there, please don't shoot me... it was out of desperation. But it worked, and this year I'll do it again... but this year, I'll be proactive instead of on the defense with those suckers. 

3. Fertlizer. 

Two things on this one. After much research, I found that you get more pollination naturally when you have TWO of each KIND of plant. It's not always the case, but your chances of fruit grow with two plants. So rule of thumb for this year is get two of EACH thing. (Maybe plants were brought on the ark two by two as well?) 

ALSO, I got an awesome organic fertlizer last year that I loved and will be using again this year. I didn't discover fertlizer (besides miracle grow that I spray on my flowers) until July, so it was kind of too late.... but this year, I'm armed and dangerous. 

Don't let anyone tell you that your yard isn't big enough for a garden! That's a lie!!!! You can use pots for SO MANY vegetables... and if you have a little room, you can build a gorgeous raised bed! Promise!!

Right now I'm working on tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, pickling cucumbers and squash in my raised bed. I've planted some bush beans and I think you see a little seedling coming up in this pic. That other little green thing at the top left is what is left of my rainbow chard. The rabbits got it. (Grrr....) But that's what made me bite the bullet and build the fence. 

My pots have all sorts of herbs and are in different parts of my yard. We'll see how they do. 

I have another raised bed that is more like a planter that I plan on doing my carrots and radishes in... and maybe one or two strawberry bushes. But I need more compost and I haven't gotten over to elliot's to grab some. 

So for now... here I am. I have a bit more space for two or three more things at the end of the garden, I just haven't decided what's going to go there yet. Any suggestions of what grows easy???

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