Friday, April 8, 2016

Brady Bug

My sweet Brady Bug.

Happy birthday, dear one. I say this every year, but I cannot believe that you are eight years old. Eight seems so much older than seven. Seven is a little boy, but eight is a K I D!

We had such a great year, didn't we? You played football for the first time - and ROCKED IT. We had a blast in Watercolor. You've been learning about the election and have such strong opinions. You flew to Detroit for a debate with daddy. You went to Cowboys games, Rangers games and had your first sleepover. You learned how to dominate in Madden, build your own lego sets and tackle. You laughed a ton, you made some awesome friends and grew like a weed.

Seven was great.

But now it's time to turn the page and be eight.

What will this year hold?

Only God knows, but let me tell you a few things that I hope for this year.

I hope that your tender spirit continues to grow this year, Brady. You are such a thoughtful kid and I hope no one ever tells you that you shouldn't be. It's rare to find thoughtful boys, but you are one of the most special. (You've learned from your daddy!) Keep that up. Think of others FIRST and yourself last. Encourage the person who feels discouraged. Keep thinking about other people's feelings. Look at others like Jesus did. Being kind is always the best choice.

I hope that your friendships deepen. You have several friends that are awesome, Brady, and your daddy and I pray over them often. We see the ones that mean a lot to you and I pray that those are the ones that last for years. Life is fuller with best friends, sweetheart. It's more fun, there's way more laughter and more people to play with on the playground. Don't  think you can only have just one best friend, but also don't ever think one isn't enough.

I hope that this is the year that you realize how strong you are. We talk all the time about being STRONG and COURAGEOUS, and this year I pray that you start to see this happening in your life. Daddy tells you every morning that it's always right to do the right thing, but at some point it's going to be really hard. But you are strong, sweet boy. And you can always do the right thing.

Lastly, I hope that your relationship with Jesus grows ten-fold. I pray that you learn a little of what it means to grow with him on your own. I pray that you learn what it means to walk with him all day long and that your love for him grows deep. I see this relationship budding and I cannot wait to see it in full bloom!

Brady, I cannot express in words how much we love you. You made me a mom. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I was prepared, but you never can be. You'll get that one day. But can I tell you a secret? I still have no idea what I'm doing... but you make it so easy. Most days. Thank you for letting me be your mom. It is the blessing of a lifetime.



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