Thursday, February 11, 2016

The MOST Overrated Day EVER + a Printable

Am I the only one who thinks Valentine’s Day is just a tad overrated? Okay, actually, I kind of think it’s the most overrated holiday ever. St. Patrick’s Day might compete with it, but let’s be real here, y’all. Unless you are in a love-sick teenager, Valentine’s Day is about the chocolate, not the love and thoughtfulness of your significant other.

We’ve had a long-standing joke in our family about flowers for Valentine’s Day. It started when I was working full time (at an actual office, y’all). I worked in a section of the office that was filled with women and all day long, flowers were brought back to desk after desk.

Here I was, newly married, and my desk had not yet been filled.

I drove home a little let down. Okay, maybe I was mad. And I walk in the door to our shoebox duplex and there was a beautiful vase of flowers on our table with chocolates (of course) and a thoughtful card, I’m sure. He did remember!

It was so sweet, y’all. Our first married Valentine’s Day - after 7 non-married Valentine’s Day. I’m sure we went on a beautiful date and all that good stuff that poor law student newlyweds do, but I can’t remember much else about it - other than I didn’t get flowers delivered to my desk. 

So when the the next Valentine’s Day rolled around, I made sure to make Jeff aware of my expectations. Yes, I wanted flowers to show me how much he loves me (I mean, y’all….) But what I really wanted was for everyone in my office to also see how much he loves me. (I know you’re all raising your hands for “me too!”)

Here comes Valentine’s Day and the flowers start rolling in. Desk after desk after desk. I’m confident that he heard me - because, they always do, right? - and am able to smile genuinely at the beautiful and intricate arrangements that have begun to arrive.

A few hours into the afternoon my desk was still empty, along with the girl who sat right next to me (and had been married for several years, I might add). We were a bit confused and more than a little irritated… on valentine’s day. Then we see the delivery cart coming around the corner, but no flowers on it. Another let down…. or was it?
Two long, skinny, and slightly wet boxes arrive on our desks. Opening them up, we found two dozen long stem roses, in a variety of colors, a package of baby’s breath and a vase… that we had to assemble! It was hilarious, y’all. And needless to say, Jeff was not happy about this “make your own flower arrangement” bit that he paid an arm and a leg for. I was cracking up by the end of it - his thought was the sweetest, just like the previous year, but his best laid plans had gone ary.

Fast forward to the next year when I was pregnant. He ordered an arrangement of roses from a local florist - a different place than the year before - and lo and behold, it shows up again in the box! Dying, y’all… and my dear husband is more than a bit frustrated. I’m sure it’s now become a little pride thing with the guys…. instead of even the girls. I know the thought is there, so really - at that time - that was all that mattered to me, but he wanted to give the flowers that other people oohed and awed over, I’m sure… just like all the other boyfriends + husbands did that day.

Then let’s review the next several years.
The next year, Jeff was all over me about what my schedule was going to be like for the day… what time would I be home and what errands did i have to run that day…. now that I wasn’t working in an office my schedule each day was all over the place, because… obviously.

I was, I’m sure, frustrated that he was questioning me all day. And then suddenly the doorbell rings. But I’m not answering it… because I never answer it in the middle of the day… or anytime unless I’ve seen girl scouts in the neighborhood.

I get a frantic call from Jeff “Why aren’t you answering the door?”

Huh? I looked out the window and there sits a florist’s truck.

That’s right, he had flowers delivered to my stay-at-home-mom door. Bless.

I know how much these arrangements cost on valentine’s day and it’s absurd, y’all. Absolutely atrocious. The thought of him spending that much money (on something no one else was seeing) was almost comical to me. SO I told him over and over again that I didn’t need him to have them delivered. Just pick up some flowers and bring them home. I wasn’t just saying that, y’all… I truly meant it.

But for the next few years, this continued on. He kept referring back to when I first asked him to send them to me instead of bring them home. He was listening… but the situation had changed! I mean, I used to want them delivered but now I don’t care so don’t spend the money… what is the confusion?! Girls are so fickle.

Now, I’m very specific… and we’ve had great, low-key, valentine’s days for the past year or two. I got a small arrangement of dahlias, snap dragons + hydrangeas. They were GORGEOUS. Instead of chocolates last year, I received a paper bag of goodies from Central Market… my favorite salsa, my favorite chips, love dip and fresh herbs. It sounds so simple, but I felt so known… and that is the BEST feeling.... to be known by your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be all hyped up. It truly doesn’t need to be anything out of this world for me. I know my husband loves me and I’m thankful that I don’t need a day set aside to make sure her remembers to tell me. I’m so grateful for that. I’m really not griping here, I’m just sharing how comical it had become for us.

This will be our 18th Valentine’s Day to celebrate together. This year we will be going on a real, adult date because we were lucky enough to find a sitter. We will go to dinner and maybe we will get a little adventurous and go to a movie too, y’all! But for dinner, because we always find ourselves talking about the kids or - you guessed it - politics (just during this season, it’s not all the time, y’all), I thought it might be fun to make up some conversation cards to talk about something new! After 18 years, it’s kind of hard to find new conversations to have, right?!

If you’d like to print your own, I’d LOVE it!! Let’s all arrive at dinner + pull these little things out of our purse! ***Cards are kid-friendly too, if you find yourself on a date night with them tagging along!!!*** Just click right here and you’ll be taken to the google doc!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! May your expectations be low + your heart be full!

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