Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Faith Outside the Box

If you had told me right after I got married, that we’d be where we are today, I’d have called you a crazy person. If you had said that we’d be running for our THIRD term in the legislature I would have laughed at you. Certainly if you had told me that I would be traveling across the country to campaign for a presidential candidate I just simply wouldn’t have believe you.

Yet, I found myself traveling to South Carolina to campaign for a presidential candidate that my husband and I truly believe in. There were lots of tears involved in the planning of this trip for me, because, if I’m being honest I did not want to go.

Phil Robertson

Jeff had asked me a few weeks back if I’d like to go with him (again) on a campaign trip. There were several reps going this time and a good group of people. My answer every time, without hesitation, was no. Y’all… I am a wannabe country girl that desires a slow life. I don’t like jet setting, or whatever you call it. Weekend trips are completely hard for me to recover from… I get stressed at the amount of laundry that piles up, the groceries that will remain un-bought and so on. The answer was always no.

So in the meantime, I ended up planning a weekend for myself. The grandparents were going to have the kids so I was going to be at home all weekend by myself, y’all. (And all the women took a big, dreamy sigh….) I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was. I was going to go get a pedicure, I was going to binge watch something - anything - on Netflix, eat popcorn, exercise, sleep late and maintain a clean house! It was going to be terrific.

And then on Monday night, Jeff came to me one last time and asked if I was sure I didn’t want to go with him. Jeff is so great, you guys, because from the beginning I said that if he were to tell me to go, I’d go, but if it were simply my choice I wouldn’t. And even here, as he asked me to go one last time, he didn’t tell me to go. He just said he’d love for me to come with him, but it was up to me.

Dang it. 

Phone Banking + Poll Watching
If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that God’s been doing a number on my little heart over the past few weeks. He’s graciously been showing me that I’ve been trusting him, but within certain confines that I’ve set in my mind a long time ago.

You see, I’ve been pretending like this whole political thing is just a season in my life. When God so clearly called us out of our comfortable life into this chaotic, crazy, lifestyle I was more than willing to go, for sure. I had questions, of course, but it was a call that was clearer than day, so we had no other choice but to be obedient… and because we chose obedience, there was much joy. But the Lord has pointed out to me that I might have given my husband to that call, but I haven’t given myself.


I've got to realize that this isn’t a season of life, y’all. This is my life. This isn’t just a temporary situation we find ourselves in. It is a purposeful and meaningful set of circumstances that the Lord has planned out for our life, and I need to either get in or get out. I have a choice - am I going to give him all of me or none of me.


MSNBC Headquarters in Columbia

I am not embarrassed by what my husband does, but sometimes I feel like I should be. Politician, and politics in general, have negative emotions and thoughts attached to them, and rightfully so. But Jeff isn’t one of those people. He’s convicted and strong. He wants to create change, fix problems and build relationships with people that will cultivate that change. He desires Jesus to be seen in all of his actions in public and in private. Is he perfect? Let’s be real, of course not. But his heart is obedient to the Lord, no matter how hard it is. What an example that is to me! I should not be ashamed of that! 

This is my life and I want my heart to be fully open to whatever the Lord has for me right here. I don’t want to waste these moments, waiting on the next moments that perhaps might be more “in line” with my own desires. These moments, right now, are where I am to live. It’s no accident that God made me for Jeff and Jeff for this. It’s not an afterthought that the Lord placed me in this particular marriage. I keep rolling my eyes, thinking, this is his thing, I’m just a supporter. But God doesn’t just have Jeff here for a purpose, He also has me here for a purpose, and instead of fighting it I want to start living it.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation today. Maybe you’re in a job you can’t stand, a relationship that feels stale, struggling with a health issue. Perhaps you, like me, are in a season of chasing after toddlers, making lunches and cleaning up messes and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You're just closing your eyes, hoping it's over soon. 
Let this be of encouragement to all of us today: God has designed these tiny little mundane moments to be purposeful. Jesus didn't always stand up front. He went to the sick, He healed when small numbers of people were there, he encouraged and spoke when no one else was watching. We can be intentional within the moments that we are given today. We don’t have to keep waiting for the next season for our “real life” to start, y’all. We can live significantly right now! God is building us in the moments that we live in today for the moments He might give us tomorrow. 

Father, help me to be intentional with my moments today. God, may I see that You are sovereign and have allowed me these circumstances in which I find myself. Thank You for promising me that all things work for Your good - help me to see that today. Help me to focus on You and not on the selfish thoughts that pop into my head. Forgive me for thinking that this isn't enough... that I need to wait for something more significant to be used or effective. God, thank You for a community of believers that desires to encourage one another to live for You. Thank you for leaders who sacrifice their comfort to serve you in a public way. May I be grateful today to follow You, step by step. 

"The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9

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