Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Christmas Home Tour

Hey y'all!!!

Welcome to our home! Georgia (our 10 year old yorkie) and I welcome you with open arms, a hot cup of coffee and most likely (if it's before noon) I'll still be in my robe + slippers! That's how we roll over here and we are proud of it. 

I'm assuming many of you visiting are new here... so let me introduce myself right quick. I'm Becky. I'm the artist + owner behind the online Etsy Shop Little Branches. I've been officially making for a little over three years, but I've been creating all of my life. I LOVE decorating for Christmas so I was super excited to participate in this lovely home tour! Y'all come on in!!

 The poinsetta came from Kroger and the Eagle Bucket is actually an ice bucket that my brother gave us for Christmas last year. He's the best gift giver! :) 

Oh, my tree.... it is a source of lots of family-friendly tension in our house. I want it to be beautiful. I want it to be perfect. But it's not. I have ended up letting the homemade Christmas ornaments and the ornaments my hubby insists we collect on Vacation onto the tree. It was a reluctant surrender, but it makes my kiddos happy (and my husband) so I will let go of my perfect tree. 

I made these stockings a few years ago - in hopes that they would look vintage. My dad had a stocking similar to this that my great grandma made (although her sequins were probably sewn on and not glued on) and that's sort of what I was going for. My kids LOVE them. Every year I think I'm going to buy stockings... but when I get these out, I fall in love all over again. 

Advent children's book by Ann Voskamp below (courtesy of Nana - my momma)
And yes, this is what my pretty chalkboard ends up looking like. Hands drug across it and little sticky hand prints on the bottom. Gotta love this season.
 We love our Christmas Cards and we've already started to get them this year. I end up hanging them all over the house, but I always start here on our staircase. 

 She Reads Truth Advent Book. Loving this one. 

 This is our Elf, Eddie. He gets into all sorts of (simple) mischief. This day he ended up eating all of the cookies out of our cookie jar. (Cookie Jar from World Market last year!)

One of the easiest ways to decorate for me is to pile ornaments everywhere. In bowls, vases, baskets.... really anything that will hold it. Also... little pine "picks" from Hobby Lobby are easy to tuck in bookshelves and give a little wintery vibe!

 Being a maker means I end up with all sorts of super talented and crazy kind maker friends. That cute Noel sign is from my sweet friend, Caroline of Vine and Branches

 My studio is also filled with goodies from other Maker friends. The joy sign is from my dear Insta-Friend (and now real life friend cuz we met at Chuy's and Chuy's is awesome) Lauren of The Honaker Homemaker and that cute calendar is from my friend Katy of KatyGirl Designs. She's A W E S O M E!! 

Thanks for touring our home! I hope it got your creative juices flowing and you end up moving a thing or two around this afternoon and giving it new life!! That's my favorite!! Merry Christmas. I pray that Christ will fill your home this season in all that you do!! 

Take some time and visit the other cute girlies on the tour! Thanks, Laura, for putting such a fun week on!!







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  1. Such a beautiful home! And your brother is a great present giver- I love the poinsettia in the ice bucket!



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