Thursday, May 29, 2014

mommy's littlest helper.

i've been in major nesting mode - even when my energy supply dwindles at lunchtime. so i have gotten my sewing machine out and attempted {started} sewing some new pillows for our sofa. i'm following the nester and she has made me want to just get started and make decisions. it used to be that i would spend days {and months even!} debating on something. fabric, statement pieces, etc. wondering if i'd find something better - so i just wouldn't make a decision. but not anymore! i'm going to love it NOW and i bought some new fabric that i think will look FAB in our living room! can't wait to share - when they're done, of course! 

but here's the thing.... i have this little helper. who, even though she's 'pretending', seems to require more supervision than i do when sewing! 

"what's this for? where's my needle? where's my bubbin?{bobbin} where's my thread?" 


she's awfuly cute though. and i know these days are long, but the years are short.... so today, i'll let her 'help'.... and hopefully get some work done in the process. 

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