Friday, May 2, 2014

fifteen weeks.

how far along? 15 weeks.
maternity clothes? i've long since gotten out the bella band and bought some new white maternity skinny jeans from gap. the last week {while on vacation} i went from being able to button my pants in the morning for sure to permanatley disabling the buttons + zippers on my pants. i feel like that's super early but my doctor said since this is my third baby, nothing counts. {praise the Lord.}
stretch marks?
unfortunately i think my thighs are going to get the brunt of it this tiem.
sleep? ummm... no naps really anymore, which is nice, but i've been waking up 1-2 times to empty my bladder. no fun. my doc let me in on a little secret when i was early pregnant and study with the constant nausea feeling... benedryl is awesome at fighting nausea! so for weeks i've been taking one every night and been sleeping great. {also due to the absolutely LOWEST energy ever....} but the last few days i haven't been taking them and still sleeping great and not waking up nauseous. {and THAT is the important part!}
best moment this week? on monday evening, while on vacation, we received a call from my doctor letting us know that we're having another boy!!!! bring on the blue + gray + teal + navy! {apparently technology has really advanced between my last preganancy and this one - and we took a simple blood test for chromosome disorders and they also tell you the gender. thankfully everything was wonderful AND we found out the sex! woot!} {last week, actually} hearing the heartbeat and scheduling my next sono!!!!!! {the big one!}
movement? okay, so this will totally sound crazy {although my doc says really anything goes this time around} but i do FEEL like i have these little flutters on the side of my tummy. not anything you can feel when you put your hand on it, but i know that it's my little man wiggling his feet around. feeling them move is my absolute FAVORITE part of being pregnant.
food cravings? honestly nothing sounds good yet. i eat pretty much out of necessity. when we were on vacay i loaded down on breakfast {because i can always eat breakfast} but in the evenings it was hard picking stuff. the food was wonderful, no doubt, but nothing really "sounds" good.... praying that changes soooooon.
gender predictions? duh.... it's a BOY!! {we felt like it was a boy all along for whatever reason... and we were RIGHT!!}
what i miss: let's get real. wine. that is all.
what i'm looking forward to: planning the nursery. picking out boy stuff. agreeing on a name {which might prove to be a long process!} and settling in.
how are you feeling? fine. getting better every day, which is awesome.
comparisons to last pregnancy? i feel like my energy level is lower. always. but like i said above, it's getting better so i can't complain too much. i am nauseated for sure but maybe not as nauseous as i was with c.... i can't remember that far back though. i've slept since then i guess.
milestones? i'm through with the first trimester. hooray!!well, i'm not sure this is a milestone, but i wanted to write it down. when i went to the doc last week, my blood pressure was really low. 90/30. normally it's around 110 or 120/60. i just got the phone call though, that all of my blood work was normal, so i'm a little relieved, not that there was too much to worry about there.

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  1. A BOY!! So exciting! I can’t wait to meet him...Yay!!



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