Wednesday, January 8, 2014

when you don't have a song to sing.....

{print from katygirl designs // camera canvas from pen & paint}

happy new year, friends. {a few days late, i guess?}

how are y'all doing? are you sticking to your new years resolutions? did you make them? have you taken down christmas decor yet? i still have my snow village to take down. dreading. it.

so.... it's been almost two months since i posted last. i shared my heart on africa {you can read it here}.

why the break?

well, if you follow me on instagram, you've probably read that there was a bit of a glitch in our december plans.

we are all okay. i appreciate the sweet messages from people expressing concern.

i have to apologize - i did NOT at all mean to let on or be vague that "something" was happening. i just want to try to be real with y'all and want you to know that life is just not always rosy over here at our house. sometimes life is just hard. and things happen. it really is just that plain & simple.

the bottom line is that we live in a fallen world where bad things happen. hurtful things happen. people get sick. tragedies happen. and i do NOT at all believe that it is a "punishment" to us individually when stuff like that happens to us.

i think my first reaction is "why would You do this to me, Lord?"
but really i think the RIGHT question is, "what can You do THROUGH this, Lord?"

and it stinks. because i wanted our december to be amazing. making crafts with the kids. baking. looking at christmas lights. singing carols. celebrating advent.

but the Lord simply did not have all of that this year for our family. and that's okay.

because you know what DID happen?

it made me remember that this world is not our home. it's not where we are made to be. it made me remember that we are to long for eternity as we are in this world. we are to live lives that are pointed to the eternal life we have in Heaven. not this material and worldly world here.

and i'm thankful for that lesson.

truly thankful.

so thank YOU for your prayers for our sweet family in december. thank YOU for sharing with me about your waits and allowing me the privilage of praying for you. it was a true blessing for me during this time. 

i pray each and every one of you has a blessed day. thank you for sticking with me.

and let katy's print serve as a reminder today that even when you don't feel like you have a song in your heart to sing - sing anyway.

thank you katy for that daily reminder that stares at me from my desk. 

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