Monday, January 27, 2014

little branches. {update + FAQs}

hey y'all. 

i hope you all had a lovely weekend. i spent some time out in the "country" and i came back feeling relaxed + refreshed + ready to work. 

that's the goal, right? 


so i wanted to update y'all on the goings on with little branches, my little handmade shop. we are introducing some changes {that i think will be ALL good} but i wanted to clarify several things right here. it'll be easier & more time efficient than answering individual questions. 

so here we go. 

frequently asked questions. 

why did you switch to etsy

well. there are many reasons for the switch but there are two that are very important to me. 

first - etsy is very user friendly. as much i loved having my own site, i also had glitches with it & it wasn't the easiest to maintain the listings.

second - and probably MOST importantly - it allows me to have coupon codes. for YOU! and i love that. i had been sending swag up to craft weekend & was never able to really participate in the 'deal' part of it and that made me sad! i love getting coupon codes when i order things and i wanted to be able to provide that for you. so - we made the switch. 

do you take custom orders? 

this one is a tough one for me. but at this time, i am not accepting any custom orders. as much as i absolutely adore making special things for each & every one of you, i've decided that at this time, what is best for my family comes before what is best for my business. we worked extremely hard on creating just the right pieces for our custom orders and as such, the time it took began preventing us from moving ahead and creating new items for lines that we want to keep in stock. we pray about each design that we bring forth and hope that it blesses each of you in a unique way, even if it's not 'custom'.

can you do custom colors? 

i do have the ability to do custom colors, but a lot of our items are already mostly made by the time the order is placed. please feel free to email us to see if we can accommodate you, but as i stated in the previous question, more often than not we will only offer the stock colors. we work hard at putting combinations together that we love & hope you love as well. i hope you can find something that is already to your liking, but please feel free to ask. just please understand if we are unable to accommodate your request at the time. 

do you offer wholesale pricing? 

yes! we love our wholesale clients! if you are interested in wholesale pricing, please email us at for a pricelist and items available. minimums do apply. 

i saw a university item of yours on pinterest. are they available? 

we are so sad, but the university items are no longer available. the cost of licensing for the schools was just too much to make sense for our business so at this time we have decided to no longer produce the items. we are still proud of our schools though! {sic 'em!}

what about items in your previous lines? will you produce those again? 

we often get requests for items that were in lines we have made seasonally. as much as we'd love to keep everything in stock all the time, we just do not have the space to keep up with that & i think my husband would honestly kill me. so we've found that it works best to rotate things in out, along with new things. our goal is to have several different collections in production throughout the year, rotating old stuff & new stuff with best sellers. for example, the picture above is from our spring 2013 line. we are currently offering all of the minis in our etsy shop but do not plan to produce the other items again at this time. it's an effort to be able to grow and evolve our shop & produce new items for you! we're trying to keep it fresh & fun in here! so please, let us know what YOU would like to see return for another rotation, but in the mean time please enjoy our new lines!  

do you participate in any craft fairs? 

yes! last year was our first year to be seen at the jj pearce pacesetters bazaar in richardson. we also did two trunk shows at bradbury lane. if you are interested in seeing little branches as your local craft fair or a local trunk show, please contact us at and give us some details! we love to travel and would love to meet y'all in person!! 


that was a tad long winded, but i hope it was useful information for you! please don't hesitate to leave to ask any other questions! we are so grateful for each of you - and you're all special to us! 

be blessed today! 

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