Tuesday, January 28, 2014

faithful in the small.

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happy tuesday, sweet friends. 

i hope y'all find yourselves doing well today. we have a busy day here but it is full & all good, so we will count ourselves tremendously blessed today. 

it's all about our attitude, right? 

so - the Lord has been giving me a Holy echo over the past several months. i spoke a bit about it here - as i processed how He used my little handmade business all the way in africa... and i think i've mentioned it a few more times. 

He's just really been pressing on my heart to be all me & all His. be just who He created me to be, right where i am, right now. no more waiting for "the right time". no more fussing about it. just being His
sold out. 
all the time. 

and here He goes again, as i've accidentaly signed up for a bible study that preaches the same thing. 

being who He created me to be. 

i signed up with a few sweet friends to go through restless by jennie allen. it just came out & i have a feeling my world is about to be rocked. i think i just might have to stop ignoring it...

the long of the short of it is that the Lord has placed a seed of a dream in my heart.  a stirring in my heart. but it's something i can't really put words to... something i can't exactly place or put a face on. do you know that feeling? 

like, He's given me a glimpse. but there's no clear direction. and all sorts of icky fears & sinful motives that could be in there. and that's what this study is all about. just weeding it all out and following after Him

i mean. isn't it always all about Jesus. right? 

the coolest part that i've read is from Hebrews. i've read over and over and over of these ordinary people that have extraordinary hearts for God and have obeyed when He's called them to do crazy & ordinary things. just obeyed. like it's that simple, right? and now they find themselves praised by God in the "hall of faith" and forever in history to teach us about His awesomeness and His goodness to us ordinary folk. 

here's the thing, y'all - He's set a race about before ME. my own race. i'm here for a reason. for His reason. but how dare i act like it's about me. 
because it's not. 
it's about Him and HIS plan. and we are here because we are a small part of His plan of spreading His glory in our lives. 

cool, right? get the book here. it's awesome. you won't regret it. promise. 

 this morning, i was asking the Lord to reveal my motives as i pray over the dream that i believe HE has placed in my heart. asking Him to remove selfishness & fear & pride. and i really truly believe my heart is after Him and sharing what He has given me to share. BUT.... i received a word from Him that i didn't expect as i prayed. {isn't that the way it always happens?}

"faithful in the small, becky. faithful in the small."

the fact of the matter is that i haven't been faithful in the small. He's not 'taking away' my dream of big dreams.... and i don't even think He's telling me that my motives are wrong. but He was definitely pinpointing a part of my heart that isn't sold out. that's holding back. that thinks that some of the 'small things' that He's asked me to do & be are kind of silly & pointless so they've been done somewhat half heartedly. 

let me call that as i see it - it's sin. partial obedience is disobedience. it's how i parent and i believe it's how He parents me. and He pointed that out in a big way to me today. 

faithful in the small. 

in my friendships. in what takes priority. in sacrifices i know He's called me to make. in mundane daily tasks. in the laundry. in my marriage. in my business. in service.

faithful in the small. 

today that is my goal. and every day going forward i will pray that prayer. 

have a blessed day, my friends. and let's be faithful in the small together. 




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