Tuesday, November 5, 2013

enough // thoughts on the season.

i cannot believe that halloween has already come & gone.
it went by so fast. 

but it was such a fun year this year. 
we spent the night filling up on pw's brocolli cheese soup.
we took turns sitting on the porch to hand out candy & trick or treating.

we had heard our {new neighborhood} was fun on halloween, but it was more than i had expected.
everyone sits in their front yard in lawn chairs with loads of candy. 
b. & syd got to see some of their classmates coming to our door and then out trick or treating. they really thought that was the coolest - or maybe they thought that the tiger on rollerblades was the coolest... either way. cool.

they saw the mayor and ate way too much candy.
and it was all wonderful.

i don't know why we believers make such a big deal about how awful halloween is. 

don't get me wrong, i don't believe in it - but seriously, what is there to believe in? 

when i was growing up i NEVER remember it being so evil.

 for reals, y'all. 

we never were allowed to be witches or ghosts or anything 'scary'... but honestly, i can't remember ever even wanting to be those things.

so - for now - our kids will dress up. & remember it being as fun as we did. end of story. {until next year, at least...}

what i love most about halloween though is that it is the gateway to the rest of the holiday season.

and oh, do i love this season. so much.

but how come i inevitably find myself running around like a crazy person attempting to enjoy the season, but all the while being frantic, irritable, impatient, and disappointed? 

i have put so much pressure on myself for SO many years.
especially now that we have the littles.

i really want to participate in everything. go to everything. see everyone. bake for everyone. enjoy everything.

and as i attempt to do everything for {and with} everyone i find that i cannot enjoy anything.

do you relate?

so i've decided that this year, i'm going to say enough.
say it with me.

this year i'm going to spend time with my family. and dear friends. 

and instead of saying yes to every last thing, i'm going to prayerfully say yes to some things. 

so that i can spend time with the people i love the most AND in the PLACE i love most - home.

there are so many parties and events and WONDERFUL things to go to. but i've found that if we try to go to all of those things than we are never here. at home. in front of a fire. watching christmas movies & sipping on hot chocolate and egg nog. 

and let me tell y'all. that is where i most want to be.

that is what i want my littles to remember when they think about the holiday season.


reading stories & making simple crafts. painting cards for our friends & family. thoughtfully {not frantically} picking out gifts. baking for fun & gifting - and not worrying about flour & sugar spilled everywhere. decorating cookies. reading stories. staying up late & looking at christmas lights. dancing. singing. resting.

we were telling b the other day that Christmas is really one big birthday celebration for Jesus. that we were going to focus on giving this year as opposed to getting, because that why we give presents to our loved ones... in honor of His birthday. 

i have no idea if that is true. but it made sense in our conversation at the time. 

it's all supposed to point to Him. our christmas tree... christmas lights.... christmas decor. it's all one big, month-long birthday celebration for the King who stepped out of Heaven to save our souls. 

and i don't think He would want me to be frazzled. or to put pressure on myself to "perform" for everyone during the holidays. in the end, it's not about me being the perfect mom or hostess or friend. 
it's about celebrating the fact that i am a daughter of the King who came as a baby... just like each of us... so that i can spend eternity with Him. 


so what do you think? 

will you say enough with me?

enough performing. enough pressure. enough obligation.

let's say yes to Him together. and enjoy the celebration that is this season

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