Wednesday, October 30, 2013

shop preview.

hey y'all! 

we had an amazing show this past weekend. it was our very first craft fair and it was so. much. fun. 

and it was a lot of work. but more fun than work. and so much fun to meet some of YOU that were so kind & generous to come by and say hi. it's so fun to begin to put faces with names. i LOVE that part. 


i can't believe that there are people out there {some of you precious ones too!} that do craft shows every weekend. i am beat. seriously. not only the set up and the take down, but the preparation getting ready - and then working it all weekend. 

we are just now coming "to". 

but i am oh so grateful. 

and NOW we get to celebrate our one year anniversary! can you believe we've been open for a full year? i am beyond blessed by this shop. by the gift that the Lord has allowed me to share with you. 

i am humbled and am forever indebted to each of our loyal & wonderful customers over the last year. for taking a chance on our new product and for loving it & coming back for more. 

i cannot begin to express our gratitude.

but as a start - we will be having a HUGE sale in the shop on friday!

we'll have these christmas cards in sets of 8, 25 and 100. available with personalization! woot!

 and some mini bunting. 
i heart mini bunting.
someone stopped by our booth on saturday afternoon and bought it all
i loved her. a girl after my own heart.

 and a peace sign or two.

what do y'all think of the "hey y'all"!? 
i kind of love it. i might not sell it. 
this is some wood i brought back from craft weekend. eek! i think it would look GREAT above a doorway.

 12 x 12 christmas squares with glitter. can't get better than that.

one of my faves. these are going to be limited to the reclaimed wood we find. 

last year merry & bright was a BESTSELLER. this year we added joyful & triumphant. it may end up decorating my house too. 

large reminders of thankfulness available in a variety of colors. 

can't wait until friday! remember there will be SALE prices available on FRIDAY only!! you'll be sad you missed it if you don't tune in. 

thank you for being such encouraging and supportive customers. we love each of you. 

what is on your christmas list from little branches?

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  1. Happy One Year, Little Branches!! It's been so amazing and inspiring watching you take off and seeing you grow. I couldn't be more proud of you, friend. xo



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