Tuesday, September 17, 2013

make time.

hi friends.

i'm still basking in the glow of craft weekend

if there's one HUGE takeaway from the weekend it's this.

make time to do what you love.

i spoke a little about it yesterday, but it's so hard for busy women {who isn't busy?!} to make time for what we love. for ourselves.

we are taught to put everyone else first and ourselves last.

great concept. 


but how are we supposed to pour out to others when we aren't filling ourselves up?

that's why i try to get a few minutes with the Lord alone every morning. {i say try because it trully is a valiant effort - even when i fall short!!!}

but there's more to it than that.

God created us with certain tendencies. things we like and dislike. He made us like that. did you know that? He created each of us with unique gifts, talents, interests and so on.

and it's my personal opinion that if we aren't using those gifts and talents, or participating in those interests, we get burnt out {read: impatient and snappy} really quick.

for example:
i have a girlfriend who loves to read. as in, she can sit down and read a book in one sitting because she gets SO into the book. 

but she's a mom. a wife. a teacher. a volunteer. a student. a sunday school teacher. a friend. a sister. a daughter.

she has ALL of these demands pulling on her. and i'm sure it's hard for her to make time to read. 

but here's what i'm telling you today.

make time.

the end.

do it. i promise you'll feel so much better. you'll be a better wife and mom. you'll be better at all of those other things because you're not feeling frazzled and left out and alone. 

i guarantee it. {disclaimer: i'm not suggesting putting yourself above everyone else and letting your children and your family go hungry while you read or craft or sew or run.  i'm merely suggesting that 10 minutes a day or 2 hours a week or whatever you decide works, won't kill anyone. will the laundry fold itself? of course not! but it can be done later. trust me.}

so. here's your assignment for the day. {don't you love that you're getting an assignment?!}

make a cup of coffee. tea, lemonade, whatever. 

set your timer for at LEAST 10 minutes. {you're worth it!!}

and do whatever it is that you love. that you don't ever think you have time to do. then come back here and tell me about it! i want to know! 

{and no, cleaning does NOT count!}




***ps. my super-talented friend katy is hosting a little branches giveaway on her blog today! go check it out and win some goodies!!***

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  1. Did you paint that? ...probably a silly question! I haven't really been on your blog... I'm gonna enjoy it! Okay... you've got serious skillz girl. You should be selling that stuff too! Remember how we talked bout the bliss of just printing off prints to sell?? Girl! scan those kinda doodle-y drawings in and SELL THEM! easy peasy. love ya. Wish we could hang out again :)



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