Friday, September 20, 2013

a peek into my studio.

hey y'all.

we're enjoying a rainy & cool{er} day today. 

praise the Lord.

the hubbs commented last night that he thinks there's no better expression of God's love for us than a refreshing rain. especially when we haven't seen it in forEVER. you would have thought it was snowing the way we ran outside to watch it on our front porch. 


so, if you follow me over on instagram, you know i was doing a big clean out & reorganization of my studio this week. 

it was hard, but fun, work. 

it's nice to clean it all up - especially after a large order goes out - and right before a busy season. 

there are still things i want to do to fluff it up a bit. 

for example, i spy several spots begging for some cupcake flowers. 

i just might break out the glue gun on this rainy day.

and windows begging for scrappy garlands.

and a bulletin board waiting for inspiration.

but that's alright.

according to heather, we can make our homes {and studios} lovely with what we have right NOW. 

so what's stopping me? 


y'all asked for it. 

so here's some pics of the studio 2.0.

enjoy your friday!


 all of the little branches christmas stuff will be in the shop november 1. stay tuned!

vintage texas box // gift from my new real life friend jaime @ raising up rubies

 print from katygirl.

print from pam garrison // sign from the lovely barn owl primitives

1 comment:

  1. Hi Becky! your studio looks like so much fun!!
    Rubies spoke so highly of you I had to stop over to browse! : )
    Happy weekend!
    (you're in Texas?? We lived there a bit while my husband was in seminary several years ago!)



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