Wednesday, August 21, 2013

shop update.

hi friends!!!!!

so..... i wanted to give y'all a little shop update

{did you know i have a shop? i sometimes forget too. especially since we haven't had an update since MAY!!!!!}

i've been on hiatus for the summer. we moved and i went to africa. and my oldest is going to be a sweet kinderbaby NEXT week. 

so we took some time out.

but last night we had such a fun sale over on instagram with my university collection.

you guys rocked it. especially you baylor fans! my sweet baylor fans. {okay - and the aggies did alright for themselves too i guess.....}

thank you thank you thank you.

unfortunately right now i am NOT planning on stocking any of the university stuff in the shop. boo! i know. but we are getting ready for some exciting stuff coming up in the next few months so i just can't promise any of them right now! i'm hoping that will change, and if it does i'll let you know.

but for now - it's onto.... 


yay fall. i love it, y'all. {hahahah!}

it's one of my most favorite times of the year. actually every season - except winter - is probably my favorite. i don't like winter. but it's all good because i live in texas and winter arrives for about two weeks in short two or three day spurts throughout january, february and then sometimes march & april. maybe even may. rarely, but maybe. so i've got it all worked out here. 

i'd take my hot summer of your cold winter, jaime, any day. ANY day. 

anyways..... i digress.

fall stuff is coming. i cannot wait. it took me a while to find my groove, but i have and i'm so excited to share it all with you. 

here's a little sneak peek of the minis from the new autumn collection.

we will stock the shop and open it on tuesday september 3. we will have 12 of EVERY item for you to order. we'll have giveaways and all sorts of fun things that week too. you'll like it. i promise.

but once they're gone.... they're going to be gone. 

because we're having a show again at bradbury lane in richardson! wooohoo. 

we are so excited they asked us back. and there will be lots of fall stuff there. and... maybe christmas stuff will make it's debut there too??? hint hint!!!

get excited y'all. 

it's going to be fun.

thank you for your sweet words about my shop

i'm so thankful for each of you. you bless me daily.

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