Wednesday, July 17, 2013

africa update.

one week & counting. 

that's seven days.


i can't wait to see what the Lord will have for us there. you can read about my decision to go on the trip here.

the first members from our team left today. we're praying for a smooth trip for them. it's a loooong travel time.

we're going to be leading a women's conference while we're there. the trip shaped up to be heavy on the female side and we ended up with one of the best speakers ever, lisa. if you've ever heard her speak, you know how MUCH of a blessing she is to others. especially women.... and even more especially to mothers. 

she will be leading the women. they're estimating them to come in droves. that will be happening next saturday. and we will have a lot of children as a result. i will have the incredible pleasure of helping to lead the bible story of joseph. i'm trying to gather all of my props right now. a coat of many colors {which i think will end up being tie-dyed}, a slave's costume and a normal biblical character costume. i want the littles to help me with these so they can have a better grasp on what we will be doing in "akica". {africa}. 

we will be working with this organization. and this one.

for some reason i have this overwhelming feeling that we have planned our trip, but the Lord just might take it somewhere else. maybe not physically move us somewhere different, but we might just end up doing work none of us could ever have forseen. emma, who leads the medical clinic, is such a man of faith. he moves on God's time, no one elses. and i can't wait to follow in his footsteps and see what He sees. 

you can be praying for us as we prepare to go. the hubbs and the littles are not going on this trip, and as you can imagine, it's a feat to get everything "ready" to go. we recently moved & i still feel like i haven't caught up on the laundry. i'm working on my list of "have to's" right now so i can perhaps get to my list of "want to's" before i leave. 

it's a 14.5 hour flight to dubai. that's a really long time. especially if you aren't a great flier in the first place. i'm praying that it will go quickly & that it will be a smooth flight. i'm not really an anxious person by nature, but being on an international flight brings out the worst in me. praying for peace... and that the Lord would control my thoughts. 

i'm so thankful for the opportunity to go. thank you to so many of you for supporting little branches & giving me this crazy adventure. i pray that you will be blessed for your willing spirit today. 

i will try to update on instagram at night so you can follow along over here. i can't wait to see all of the crazy things the Lord will surely do. we come with great expectations of His work there. i am so humbled that He might decide to use me, broken & sinful, for His glory & His purpose. it's a miraculous love, isn't it.

blessings today.


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