Saturday, October 22, 2016

An Impromptu Birthday Party

Our sweet Landry is the typical third child. He's just along for the ride in our crazy family - especially in the fall with football and soccer and the campaign! He is so flexible, though, and brings so much laughter to our family! I wasn't sure I wanted a third, but I am so glad that God knew exactly what we needed!

For Landry's first birthday we literally sat on our kitchen island and sang happy birthday as a family of five while he learned what cake was. Then Charlotte and I headed to the Taylor Swift concert and Daddy + Brady played Madden the rest of the afternoon. 

So when his second birthday was coming up, we thought, we ought to do a party. And then suddenly it was a week and a half before his birthday and we hadn't planned anything yet!! So we agreed to invite our family and neighborhood friends (who love our sweet boy as their own) and watch some football. That was our plan. 

And then this momma got on Pinterest like she never has before, trying to erase some of that momma guilt that was settling in, and threw together a little impromptu football themed party that turned out so fun, and truly wasn't a ton of work!

We made a Nacho Bar and a Hot Dog Bar with all of the fixins' for everyone to make it like they want it. We had queso and a million different kinds of salsa... and of course, popcorn and huge stadium-like pickles. We also had a football toss through a ladder, like you see here, for the big kids. 

My sister made the darling Popcorn Bags that were filled with Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. The hot dogs were done in a crock pot, as was the queso. The penalty flags were actually tootsie roll pops that were wrapped in yellow tissue and tied with twine.

The goodie bags had a whistle, a rubber football and some football tattoos in them along with a gold coin. I used black and white straws to make the little flags... I just felt like they needed something extra. Oriental Trading Company had tons of cute black and white things, but I was too late to order them!!

We had a fun time and it was just what our little football afternoon needed! This could easily NOT be a birthday party but just a weekend football-watching party, right?! Super easy and so much fun!!!! I hope y'all are having a great weekend and I hope it involves some football, fellowship and FUN!!!

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