Thursday, September 1, 2016

Loaded Queso // A Recipe

I have two words for you.

Loaded. Queso.

Do I hear the whispers of "You had me at hello"?

Yes, it is true, queso has had my heart for quite a long time. So early on (I'm thinking college) that I set out to find the perfect queso recipe.

It was a magnificent combo, one that can't be beat and is perfect for all things football and fall ::

Velveeta cheese + Rotel + No Bean Chili.

Simple. Delicious. Perfect.

However, as I have grown older, so have my queso tastes and sometimes the simple stuff just doesn't do it for me anymore.

So our new favorite - Loaded Queso - was born.

The thing about the basic queso recipe is that YOU can all the cheesy and loaded goodness that YOU want to add to it. Here is my version - let us know if you enjoy it! My crazy talented sister made this sweet recipe card just for you to print out!


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