Monday, August 15, 2016

A Few Thoughts on Signifcance // A Devotional

“Becky, maybe God just doesn’t want to use me?” She asked. We were at the pool, getting interrupted a few dozen times by a screaming toddler needing the ball and big kids arguing over who’s turn it was to get the boogie board. Even through all of the interruptions, I could tell her heart was heavy with a burning desire to get uncomfortable for the sake of Christ.

I was dangling my feet in the pool, listening to one of my oldest and dearest friends share her heart about desiring discomfort and just flat-out more Jesus. She feels ready to say yes to scary things, but frustrated there aren’t any coming her way.

Have you felt that way? Have you felt a desire to be used but have whispers in the back of your head that you aren’t ready, aren’t good enough or not worthy?

I just got back from a writing + speaking conference, which was awesome and overwhelming all at the same time, and ever since then it has been easy to feel that my story is insignificant. When I brought my little book proposal into meeting with publishers - my heart written out on paper - they asked the same questions & said the same things ::

What makes you unique?

You really need to work on your “platform”.


The air had just been sucked out of my sails.

I walked out of one meeting feeling encouraged and the next feeling like I was as insignificant as one ant on an ant hill. And I’m guessing that if you’re still reading this, you’ve felt same way a time or two in your life.

You’re desperately trying to keep your hands open on your life. At the same time you are wondering why God hasn’t moved in anything significant with all your blatant willingness to serve Him. You find yourself - like me with my book proposal - with your heart raw and open but with no takers.

My frustration boils down to this one word :: Significance.

Let’s put it into context though. When I find my thoughts lingering on that word, it often turns out to mean “self-importance”. I find myself thinking that my role, my job, my kids, my call is less important than that of someone else - or, sometimes, visa versa. (Being real.)

Significant actually has no value in God’s Kingdom, however. He uses everything - big, small and in between - for His purposes. I actually wanted to write “if we let Him” right there, but that’s not really the case, is it? He really uses it whether or not we let Him.

I’m sick and tired of telling myself that I need to get more followers, grow my readership and "market" myself. Does a bigger platform reach more people for His name? Sure. But do I need that to reach people for His name? Absolutely not.

“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Colossians 3:17

Whatever you do. In other words, anything we find ourselves doing is significant when we do it in the name of Jesus.

I don’t need to be a sought after speaker, a for-profit blogger or a making-millions sign shop to be worthy of sharing the story. And neither do you. If there is one thing I’ve learned in studying the old testament, it’s that God cares about the ONE person. Jesus cares about the one. Why do you think He listed all of those tribe names and all of those people by name? Son of____ son of ___ son of ____? Because He sees them. He knows them. Each and every one of them. wrote a story for each of them, and He wove it into the story of Jesus.

And that’s what He does for us. He has given each of us a story. He has given YOU a story. Do you need a platform to share it? No. Do you need followers to share it? No. Do you need an audience to share it? No. All you need is open hands and a “send me” attitude.

My goal has changed from growing my platform to growing my walk. Instead of trying to spread joy over my social media feeds, I will try to spread joy in my home, in my neighborhood and on my weekly (daily) target run.

My job isn’t to build a platform. My job is to seek Him and tell His story. Period.

After much reflection over the past few weeks, I’m now convinced that our service doesn’t need to start with a platform, an audience or a calling. It starts with a daily surrender, letting God take us where He wants us that day. It has nothing to do with significant service, but everything to do with contented presence wherever we are at any given moment.

As much as I have to fight this thought - my value doesn’t come from how many likes I get on Instagram, how many signs I sell every week or how many comments I get on a blog post. It comes directly from being a daughter of the King of Kings and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide every word, every step, every moment.

So today, let’s stop thinking of how significant we are - or aren’t - and instead, start praying to the One Who has plans higher than we could ever think or imagine. Instead of getting down because we haven’t been taken anywhere yet, we can start being present where we are - because tomorrow just might turn out to be a crazy day.

Lord, thank you for creating me with specific bents and talents that are uniquely mine. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to use them for Your glory today. Forgive me when I covet someone else’s talents or when I disregard my own blessings. I believe that You have placed me here for today - and I want to live it to it’s fullest.  Stay close to me today and let me press into You with every step I take. I love You and am so grateful to be Your daughter. Help me to find my significance in that. Amen.


  1. Such an encouraging commentary, thank you so much. This really spoke to me and where I am in my life right now. God bless you and your mission

    1. I am so glad that this encouraged you!! Praying that you would continue to feel His presence!

  2. Hi there, I met you at the She Speaks Conference. I'm not sure if we lunched together, or sat in a session together, but no matter. I came here and checked out your blog, and oh, just oh, how it speaks to me. I am a broken-hearted mom right now, and somehow the thoughts on significance and the wilderness have really touched me right where I am. So thanks. And keep writing. Don't worry if you don't have a huge platform. God has a place for you. Blessings, Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here! I appreciate that more than you know! Keep on pushing! Praying for strength and wisdom today for you!



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