Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Things I Am LOVING Right Now

Here are five things that I am obsessed with loving right now ::

 1. The Catch on ABC // I love a good crime + love + california drama. If you are a Scandal fan, this is right up your alley. I mean, Peter Braverman is in it. Need I say more?

2. This hair tutorial on YouTube // They talk about products the first half, so you have to scroll through to the 10 minute mark to get the actual tutorial. This is my haircut-ish, so that's why I like it. And don't worry, you WILL get sucked into the YouTube world of hair + makeup videos. So be careful.

3. These Instagram Feeds:

 Natalie @nataliecreates 

4. This Dress from Apple Blvd // I'm wearing it today for my last day of #dressinhappinessdaily

5. Coconut LaCroix // Squeeze half a lime in it and serve over crushed ice. You'll feel like you're on vacation.

Happy Friday, y'all! As always... thanks for reading!

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