Monday, March 28, 2016

Pushing Reset.

Mondays have a tendency to slam into me like a freight train! They take me out of my blissful weekend state and throw me into the new week without fair warning, if you ask me. And no matter how I try to prepare, it always leaves me blindsided.

How do you feel about Mondays? This one, already, has been no joke!

Do you ever have those mornings where you need to hit the reset button before you even make it out of the sleepy fog? For example, have you ever stumbled to the coffee pot - in the dark - only to stub your toe on the shuffle there and spill the water as you try to refill the Keurig?

You guessed it - that's how my morning has been going, and it's only 6:00!! The house is still and quiet - this is supposed to be my favorite time of day - besides getting into bed at night, but that's obvious.

I mean, I knew it might be rough when I went to turn on a lamp and the light bulb burned out with a "pop" almost instantly. And then the whole spill the water (in between the refrigerator and the counter top, by the way) thing happened. And when I had been thinking "sheesh, can't a girl get a break" I walked into my studio and a bulletin board fell flat along with all of it's contents - including those beloved push pins - sprawling all over the floor.

RESET, y'all. Reset. 

Some days are hard. Other days not as hard, but still hard. And then even some days are comfortable... but let's be honest, they haven't been easy since I was 25. That's a fact, y'all. And my thing is the mornings, although I would never say I'm a morning person... because I look like death, act like death and talk like death until I've had my coffee  and several minutes (like, a whole hour) to warm up to the idea of another day.

Life is full and fast in this season. Not always my idea of a good time. I don't need excitement one hundred percent of the time, slow and steady is awesome in my eyes. I guess that's why, as much as I like sleep, I get up earlier in the morning so that I can have a tiny bit of slow in my day. I fill up in the slow.

Jesus tends to meet me as I sit in the quiet, hopefully with a working lamp. I sometimes type away on this computer - only the click of the keyboard filling the air. I read my Bible, study and pray. I process here. I write here. I linger here. 

He meets me here. 

I take time to make the quiet because He meets me here. Even in the mess of a morning, He sits with me as I linger. He pours into me and fills my soul with His love + grace so that I might - just might - be able to lavish it on others today. 

Y'all, I take time to still my soul, so that I might hear His voice. It's not as easy for me to hear Him after my day starts. After the hustle and bustle of another Monday takes over and my mind starts checking off my to-do's for the day. 

For me, making time for quiet - as much as the alarm clock feels like a sacrifice of rest - changes the whole course of my day and is VITAL to a healthy relationship with God for me.

What about you?

Will you choose quiet today? Do you hear Jesus better in the stillness, or can you hear him when life is noisy? 

How do you fill up your soul? Take time to do it and hit the reset button today, y'all. It will make your monday so much better!

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