Wednesday, September 24, 2014

gigi's plain jane king ranch chicken. {a recipe}.

last week i posted over on my instagram that i'm getting my freezer ready for the baby's arrival. i'm ready to WANT to want to eat again. everything tastes off right now due to this yucky metallic taste in my mouth and not very much room left in my belly. i feel newly pregnant again with the nausea and exhaustion only with a HUUUUGE belly and spots on my face. 

it's fabulous.

either way, life goes on. 

i was at the grocery store monday and the checker asked me how much longer i have. i told her i was about three weeks away and she promptly told me i needed to go home and lay down. 

that would be awesome. 

but i have three other mouths to feed, soccer practice to get to, a business to run {and stock up} and a house to maintain. 

all blessings. 

but it doesn't stop when you're pregnant, does it? some days i wish i were to be put on mandatory bedrest. then i would HAVE to stop and rest and everyone else would just have to figure it out. 

but then i feel guilty for those thoughts because i feel incredibly blessed with my healthy children, hubby, my job, my church and my community. it's just a season, i continue to tell myself. it's just a season. 

at this point i think i'll feel like a million bucks when the baby arrives. despite the sleep deprivation i think i just might physically feel better! let's keep praying for that together, shall we? 

okay - so as i was saying - i'm getting my freezer ready. 

this is one of my go to meals - or should i say it used to be. i made it SOOOOO much that it kind of got retired but now i'm bringing it back. 

please note that this is NOT my recipe. it's my friend summer's. years ago we put together a 'friends and family' cookbook benefiting our church's pregnancy center and this was one of the recipes she contributed. it's awesome, easy and everyone loves it. {except my picky eater - but i don't really pay attention to what he likes and doesn't like today. it changes with the wind.}

gigi's plain jane king ranch chicken

**i doubled it and made one casserole for that night and one to freeze. to heat it up after freezing, bake at 325, covered for 45 - 50 minutes and then uncovered for 10-15 minutes until hot + bubbly. i like to sprinkle with extra cheddar at the end too if i have it.**


4 boneless chicken breasts, boiled + shredded {our kroger carries already shredded chicken breasts in the deli section and i like to keep that on hand for meals like this! that way i don't even have to boil the chicken!}
1 package taco seasoning
1 can cream of chicken soup {YES, i used cream of chicken. shoot me.}
1 package grated mexican cheese {8 oz} 
1 can rotel {i drain it so it's a thicker 'sauce'}
8 corn tortillas {you can also use tortilla chips if you find yourself in a bind!}


boil chicken and then cut or tear into small pieces. combine chicken, taco seasoning, cream of chicken, cheese and rotel. mix well. spray dish with pam. tear tortillas into small pieces and use them to cover the bottom of the dish. pour chicken mixture into the dish and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. 

enjoy with chips + salsa and a southwestern salad! 

you're welcome.

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