Monday, September 15, 2014

bump update {34 weeks}.

oh, being pregnant. 

it's glorious, isn't it? no. way. i'm not one of those who loves being pregnant. i'm pretty miserable at this point - and i'm SURE i'm miserable to be around too. pretty grumpy, impatient and irritable. not to mention that i have no energy to spare for anyone yet i have two little ones running around, a small business, a new ministry {that i LOVE} and precious husband who tends to my neediness. 

but it's all good. the baby is healthy and i am so thankful for that. it's not lost on me, the healthiness, that is. i'm so grateful that baby L is doing so well. 

me, on the other hand. well... that's another story. 

ever since we got back from disney, i've had some physical ailments. all ones that i thought were just part of the end of pregnancy.... but it turns out that i had some low iron levels and other yucky stuff going that was causing me to feel gross. so maybe i won't feel this terrible the rest of the way..... but maybe i will. 

all i know is that this is my LAST baby. it's hard on me physically and i'm ready to be holding sweet baby L instead of sharing my body with sweet baby L.... know what i mean?????

and speaking of that.... and being ready and all.... this is the nursery. would you say i'm ready? ha! i feel like with our first one i was probably done doing the nursery at 30 weeks. and with sweet c probably about that time too. and everything was fully decorated and we had custom window treatments and everything. 

this time..... well. you can see what this time looks like. we've been busy preparing the two oldest littles to share a room {this used to be lil' miss's room} and that was my big focus all summer. so now i'm trying to finish putting that together + get the nursery together. which i better hurry because i don't think i'm going to make it all the way with this one. 

just a gut feeling. 

i will say that we at least have the crib set up in there now. i got the car seat this week {NEWS FLASH :: THOSE THINGS EXPIRE} and i bought the bedding + got my diaper bag. so that's all something, right??

we were originally going to paint the furniture white and do a navy theme but i ran out of time {ahem :: energy} so we scratched the painting and now it's pretty neutral with gray walls + gray and white bedding. but i want to add accents and i love this green and black and white. the green at PB is perfect. it's kind of a mix between kelly green + apple green and THAT is the green i want. but i'm having a hard time matching it in the fabric department. any suggestions would be more than welcome.

these are a few inspirations from my pinterest board. and i'm dying over this green hutch that meg posted on her instagram. i wish i could paint a piece of furniture green before he gets here. that would be amaze. but alas, he's already blessed just to have a bed to sleep in. i don't mean that in a "i'm-not-going-to-decorate" kind of way. i just mean that it's kind of at the bottom of my list. after getting my older kids situated, freezer meals made, closets organized + cleaned out, clothes washed and diapers bought. {oh how i love the smell of that dreft..... i think i might start that process today!!!}

they have the cutest kids rooms!!! THIS is the perfect green.

i love the ikea shelving and toy storage here. 

oh, sweet girls... how i want a book display wall like this. so. much. color. and whimsy. i just love it.

do you have any other inspirations?? i'm inspired to finish it this week {yes, i just said FINISH it... which probably should be start AND finish it this week....} but i must get it together and these pictures just get my creative juices flowing. i can't wait to see what ends up getting pulled together!

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