Tuesday, November 12, 2013

colder weather.

it's cold outside today. 

windy and blustery and coooollld. 

and lucky for me, i didn't do the grocery shopping yesterday so i am about to brave the wind with a shopping cart. i'll definitely bring my gloves.

i'm a wimp. that's why i live in texas. or at least one of the reasons. i mean, texas is great. so that's probably why i live here. the warmer weather is just the icing on top. right?

with the cold front blowing in.... i'm in cold weather food mode as i make my grocery list. and i can't help but peruse my pinterest boards for inspiration and new recipes that i've been hoarding since march to try when it gets cold. comfort food galore. 

and today is the day. 




pioneer woman's broccoli cheese soup. on the menu tonight, actually. 

i can just feel myself getting warmer just by looking at these.

what are you making for dinner tonight? do you have any favorite cold weather recipes that you can share with me? at this point i don't care if they're 'kid friendly'.... i just want to cozy up under a soft blanket with a bowl of something hot! 

keep warm today!

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